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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?

To achieve the best possible vehicle stability, handling control, and safety, accurate wheel balancing is necessary. However, reckless driving or off-road driving might cause your vehicle's wheels to become unbalanced.

Are you looking for a reputable auto shop that provides prompt and reliable wheel balancing Newton-Le-Willows?

Make Newton Mot Ltd your choice. We are a reputed business with a staff of highly skilled technicians who have the experience and knowledge about the tools needed to perform effective wheel balance inspections and corrections.

Warning Signs Of Unbalanced Car Wheels

The following are some of the main signs of unbalanced wheels:

  • Irregular tyre wear
  • Reduced steering accuracy
  • Vibrations on the steering wheel, seats, floorboards, etc.
  • Increase in jerking while driving on uneven terrain

Have you noticed any of these signs lately?

This could mean that your car needs to have its wheels balanced. Contact Newton Mot Ltd right away.

You can also book an appointment via this website.

Factors That Cause Unbalanced Wheels

Several factors may affect the wheels' typical weight distribution, including:

  • Worn-out or damaged shock absorbers
  • Frequent driving on rough terrain
  • Accidents
  • Hitting curbs
  • Driving over speed bumps or potholes at a higher speed
  • Incorrect mounting of the wheels on the hubs

How Do We Conduct Wheel Balancing?

Our staff will conduct wheel balancing Newton-Le-Willson by following these steps:

Step 1: The wheels/tyres will be removed before being placed on a computerised wheel balancer and spun at high speed.

Step 2: Following the evaluation, we will then record the information that the wheel balancing machine generates.

Step 3: We will carefully analyse the data to identify the places where the wheel balancing is off.

Step 4: To modify the weight distribution across the wheels, our staff will attach the necessary counterweights.

Step 5: Finally, we will check the tyre inflation level and remount the wheel assembly back onto your car.

Note: We use superior-quality, eco-friendly counterweights to even out the weight distribution.

Look no further for "wheel balancing services near me" as our prices are free from any additional costs.

Visit our garage at Unit A2 Duke St, Newton-Le-Willows, WA12 9QX

If you have any queries call us on 01925500256 or write to us at w9rye@hotmail.co.uk