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On 1st May 2021, the European Union updated the tyre labelling rules in the U.K. Therefore, every car owner in the U.K must know about these changes in the tyre labels to make sure that they buy the correct tyres.

As one of the most reliable retailers of car tyres , our workshop Newton Mot Ltd is glad to share the details of the new tyre labelling rules.

Updated tyre labelling rules:

Noise emission

According to the new rules, the noise emission of car tyres has an ABC rating. Each of the alphabets indicated the following specifications:

  • Tyres with an A mark emit the least external noise.
  • Similarly, products with a B marking indicate a high noise emission level.
  • Tyres with a C rating are completely banned now.

Wet grip

The wet grip rating of tyres will now range from A to E. It means car tyres with a rating of A will offer optimal braking performance on wet roads. At the same time, tyres with an E rating will provide poor wet-grip performance.

Fuel efficiency

Like wet grip performance ratings, A to E markings are also used to rate fuel efficiency.

A tyre with an A rating has low rolling resistance and excellent fuel efficiency. However, if a tyre comes with an E rating, it has inefficient rolling resistance and poor fuel economy.

Additional information

Apart from the ratings, additional updates that you should remember while purchasing tyres includes:

  • Snow tyres will have a 3PMSF symbol.
  • Nordic winter tyres will now come with a stalagmite symbol.
  • Every tyre will also have a QR code. By scanning this code, you can quickly get all the information and verification about the tyre from the EPREL.

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